• Diablo, sent by Maleficent to find Princess Aurora, discovers her hiding place after the three Good Fairies mistakenly gave it away, leading him to report back to his mistress.
  • After hearing that the Powhatans captured John Smith, Governor Ratcliffe senses a perfect opportunity to wage war on them.
  • Jenner sensing an opportunity to ensure that he and the other rats remain in the rose bush.
  • After hearing that Prince Naveen is coming to the Masquerade Ball, Dr. Facilier senses an opportunity to get his money - by capturing the prince.
  • Shan Yu examines a doll and senses an opportunity to venture into the Tung-Shao Pass to bring down the Imperial Army and get to the Emperor to take over China.
  • Ruber senses the perfect opportunity to find Excalibur after Bladebeak reports that Kayley and Garrett are following Ayden, who knows where the sword is.
  • Captain Hook upon learning from Smee that Peter Pan banished Tinker Bell due to her jealousy of Wendy as a perfect chance to find out Pan's hideout.
    • In the sequel, After Hook notices Jane trying to fly and failing, he sees her wanting to return home as an opportunity to use her in his plot to capture Peter Pan.
  • After his act goes down the drain, Krudsky discovers the Goblin Scepter as the perfect opportunity to get back in business.
  • Ursula sees Ariel's disobedience as a perfect opportunity to bring down King Triton and rule over Atlantica.
  • Morgana sees Melody's locket, disobedience, and mermaid heritage as an opportunity to avenge her sister and take over Atlantica.
  • Honest John sees Pinocchio as a perfect opportunity to get his money.
  • Marina Del Rey spies on Ariel, her sisters, and Sebastian in the Catfish Club, then rats them out in a bid to obtain Sebastian's job as chief of staff.
  • Randall Weems overhears TJ and the Recess gang about to break into the school to save Principal Prickly, giving him an opportunity to report them to Ms. Finster.
  • After noticing Wreck-It Ralph's argument with Vanellope, Arthur senses Ralph's insecurities and discovers an opportunity to take over the Internet.
  • After Maurice tries to explain to the tavern staff about Belle being captured by the Beast, Gaston sees an opportunity to force Belle to become his wife, hatching a plan that involves trapping her father.
  • After hearing about an audition with L.B. Mammoth, Darla Dimple senses an opportunity to get Danny and the other animals kicked out of Hollywood.
  • Prince John learns of Friar Tuck's sudden arrest and sees it as a perfect means to finally capture Robin Hood.
  • When he notices Ted and Susan in his camp, Abdullah sneaks up on Susan and jumps her. He tries to carry over to his knife to stab her, but he quickly catches Ted in the act.
  • Professor Ratigan: Upon learning from Fidget Basil's on the case, Ratigan quickly gains an idea to lure Basil to his lair and into his trap.
  • King Goobot: As soon as he sees Jimmy Neutron hold up a picture of his parents on a transmission on the view screen, King Goobot senses the perfect opportunity to capture the adults of Retroville to sacrifice to Poultra.
  • Scar senses Simba's naiveté and disobedience as the perfect opportunity to bring down Mufasa.
  • Makunga: sees Alex's miraculous return and reuniting with his parents Zuba and Florrie as a perfect advantage to use him to overthrow Zuba and become the new alpha alpha lion.
  • Gaston sees Maurice's "fantasies" of Belle being imprisoned by a Beast as a way to get Belle to marry him by throwing Maurice into the asylum.
  • Fairy Godmother: decides to take advantage of Shrek stealing her Happily Ever After potion by having her son Prince Charming impersonate the ogre-turned-human to get Fiona with Charming as originally planned.
  • Makucha overhears Makini talking about The Tree of Life, he plots plan to ambush the Guard at a nearby cliff, allowing them to kidnap Makini and force her to take them to the Tree of Life.


  • Andrei Strasser decided to go to America to see Joe, seeing a perfect opportunity to get revenge on the ape for biting his fingers off.
  • Happy Chapman and Wendell noticing a lost poster of Odie, which Chapman decides to take advantage of so he can overshadow his brother Walter.
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