The Shadow Realm (Spyro)

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is a dark, magical world in Spyro: Shadow Legacy that looks almost exactly identical to the real world, but bearing a black and white color theme. The Sorcerer used the Shadow Realm to his own advantage by trapping everyone from the real world into the Shadow Realm inside magic cages in order to drain them of their magical energies.


The Shadow Realm can only be accessed when a person holding a magical item called the Shadowstone steps on a Shadow Teleporter Pad in order to enter that world. Many horrible and strange creatures resides there.

People who are within the Shadow Realm can walk through wood, although people outside the Shadow Realm cannot be seen by those inside the Shadow Realm, but they can be detected by magic. Some things within the Shadow Realm do not exist in the Dragon Realms, and vice versa. Once, the Sorcerer tried to send all residents of the other worlds into the Shadow Realm and imprison them there for all eternity, but his plan was foiled by his powerful rival, the heroic dragon Spyro.


The Shadow Realm made its appearance shortly after the game's introduction, appearing as a wave of crackling, dark magic that pulled everyone in the Dragon Realms, Avalar, and the Forgotten Worlds into the dark, alternate dimension. Spyro is guided to the safety of the Dragon Dojo by Tomas, who then tasks Spyro to rescue the other Dragon Elders from the Shadow Realm. The Elder, Sensei, teaches Spyro how to battle the shadowy creatures in the Shadow Realm that can only be hurt by the art of Dragon Kata.

Two brothers in the Shadow Realm named the Ice Minion and the Fire Minion act as bosses in the Shadow world which can also exist in the real world. The Sorcerer lives in a world between the Shadow Realm which can only be visited when getting the directions on the map from the enchantress Bianca. He also created the Shadow Amplifiers to transport anybody and anything from the real world permanently into the Shadow Realm and had them trapped forever. The machines were destroyed by Spyro before it was too late. After the Sorcerer's defeat, he escaped to somewhere else in the Shadow Realm, and the dark realm itself was never seen again.


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