The Shadow World

The Shadow World

The Shadow World is a dark, demonic underworld representing the negative afterlife and a location in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


The Shadow World is a shadowy, desert-like world where all the Power Rangers villains of the past, present and future that were destroyed end up. It is something like Hell of the real world or like the Netherrealm of the Mortal Kombat videogame series. In a climactic battle between Queen Bansheera and the Lightspeed Rangers at the Skull Cavern, the spirit of her second-in-command Diabolico cut the rope that she was using to escape the Shadow World's portal, and Bansheera fell in where the assembled monsters attacked her. Then the portal sealed up permanently. In the end of Lightspeed Rescue when we are given a glimpse of the Shadow World, one can see a monster who is wearing Rita Repulsa's signature outfit. This leads fans to believe that the evil parts of all of the villains who were purified by Zordon's Energy Wave in the PRIS episode "Countdown to Destruction" were sent to the Shadow World.

The status of the Shadow World being the only afterlife for Power Rangers monsters is unknown as in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, the Abyss of Evil is given the same status. It is but unknown if they are somehow one and the same or if they are two separate places. Either way, they both serve as different death realms for the destroyed monsters and fallen evildoers alike.

Monsters in the Shadow World

These Monsters are all imprisoned in the Shadow World, most of them are reused costumes from past Power Rangers series. Mass groups of monsters in the Shadow World appear in the episodes, "Sorcerer of the Sands", "Olympius Unbound" and "The Fate of Lightspeed Part 1 and 2".


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