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The Sigma Virus is a malicious computer virus that is yet the cognizant and ultimate form of the most malevolent cyborg "Master" Sigma corresponding the infamous Maverick Virus that transforms sentient robot species Reploids and their giant less intelligent automations called Mechaniloids into their evil counterparts known as Mavericks.

This renegade digital program has the power to infect and corrupt its targets. The Sigma Virus itself is quite diverse; not only does it cause Maverick behavior within Reploids alone, it also can make Mechaniloids go berserk with its ability. On the flipside, however, the Sigma Virus, upon infecting an already insane robot (i.e. Zero) would have the opposite effect.

Also, on its own, it can drive Reploids mad, but under Sigma's direct influence, it has also been shown to become an effective tool in subtly manipulating a Reploid's heart or even controlling them entirely as they were puppets on a string.

Once infected, the Sigma Virus is unrelenting and the infected cannot be easily returned to normal. Only when the host itself has died does the Sigma Virus die along with it. Therefore, the only option for most infected Reploids is to be retired by the Maverick Hunters. The exceptions to the rule that the virus dies with its host are Sigma, as he uses the Sigma Virus as a means to revive himself after each defeat.

At some point after the end of the X series, a cure for the Maverick virus was developed in the form of the Mother Elf program.

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