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"'Sky Pirates'" is a song from the TaleSpin episode "Plunder and Lightning" and DuckTales 2017 episode "Sky the Sky!", sung by Don Karnage and his band of Air Pirates.

TaleSpin version

I am a pirate! I am a pirate!
Suave and dashing, sabers flashing,
bodies crashing, molars gnashing!
What a pleasure,
seeking treasure!
All the stealing, and concealing,
and the keeling, what a feeling!

Take the sky by thunder!
It is so wonderful to plunder!
When a village needs a pillage,
and my pockets need a fillage
You know what I'm saying?

We are pi-rates!
Sky pi-rates!
Just think of all the people we can cheat!
What a great career
as a buccaneer!
It keeps us in the air and off the street!
Off the street!

We are pi-rates!
Sky pi-rates!
We're as good at being bad as bad can get!
And the biggest prize
stands before our eyes
To capture captivating Cape Suzette!
Cape Suzette!
Cape Suzette!!
Cape Suzette!!!

Baloo: "One...more...time!"

DuckTales version



Pirate #1: Avast, ye lads, who be fainthearted!

Chorus: We rule these skies uncharted
Cruel and vicious hearties we
Who sail upon the skies and not the sea!

Don Karnage: 'Tis I who lead this fearsome crew
With dagger, swagger, daring-do!
Handsome and fearsome and suave

Chorus: He's the famous pirate, Captain Don Karnage!
Hoist the flag and way the anchors
Circle the ship and pull the flankers
High-ho, we live to plunder

Don Karnage: It's true, I live to plunder

Chorus: High up in the sky amidst of storm and thunder

Don Karnage: Now back to me, the main event
A pernicious, vicious raucous gent!
A frustratingly charming laggard
Chorus: He'll steal up all your treasure and your heart!
Don Karnage: And now we dance! Ha!
Chorus: He's Don Karnage!
Don Karnage: That's me!
Scrooge McDuck: Wait, what?
Chorus: It's Don Karnage!
Don Karnage: Still me! A-ha-ha
Chorus: Pilfer the loot to fill our coffers
Parrot: Been a pleasure to take it off ya!
Dewey: Hey!
Chorus: We'll put on a show
Pirate #2: Then steal yer dough!
Chorus: And then to the clouds away we go
Don Karnage: To the clouds, away I go
Chorus: Yo-ho!



Ugly Mug: Prepare ye lads to be surprised
Chorus: The same ol' shanty now reprised
Cruel and vicious hearties we
Who occasionally like to get jazzy

Dewey: 'Tis I who lead this fearsome crew-y
With dagger, swagger, daring-

McDucks: Dewey?!

Dewey: Yes, look at me, the main attraction
With stories full of daring action
Perhaps you finally won't ignore us
So bend your ear and hear some friendly chorus

Stinky Boot: Ahoy to you, I'm Stinky Boot
Me pride and joy be plunderin' loot
Ugly Mug: Me Matey's call me Ugly Mug
But I prefer to go by Ginger Bug

Dewey: Alright, that's enough, guys-

Peg Leg Meg: I'm Peg Leg Meg, the ship's first mate
My high kicks truly are first rate
Dewey: Oh, okay-
Hardtack Hattie: There she blows, I'm Hardtack Hattie
My dancing skills, they just might drive you batty!
Dewey: Maybe just let me take the lead here-
Twins: Bonjour, we're ze twins with a rhythmical knack
One-Eyed Linda
And Two-Toothed Jack
Intern: I'm just an intern for the summer
Dewey: Come on!
Intern: But it feels like this song has gone on forever

Dewey: Okay, lets wrap it up..

Ugly Mug: Heave ho, below,
It's time to go!

Chorus: We dearly hope that you liked our show
Ugly Mug: I mean, 'cause yer heart, we already stole
Chorus: We'll o-pen up our ship
And swallow you whole!
Dewey: We'll open up your ship and swallow you whole!
Chorus: Yo-ho!