The Soul Shredder is the main weapon used by the Fright Knight and an object featured in the Danny Phantom series.

The sword is the source of the Fright Knight's power and the key to his release. It can transform people and objects into monsters. When Fright Knight strikes anyone with it, he sends his victims to a dimension where their worst fears are a reality. The Soul Shredder is able create ecto-storms and a ghost shield big enough to cover an entire city whenever stuck into the ground. It is also the Fright Knight's main weakness as whenever it's placed into a pumpkin he will be banished along with it.

The sword can also be used by humans, but only the Fright Knight has knowledge to use it.


The sword is green all over with a pumpkin on top of the hilt.

Powers and Abilities

The sword has the following powers:

  • Ghost rays: It can fire ghost rays, green in color.
  • Transformation Inducement: It's able to transform people and inanimate objects into monsters.
  • Ecto-Storms Creation: When it stuck in the ground it generates powerful ecto-storms that generates lighting capable of transform people and inanimate objects into monsters.
  • Deflection of Ectoblasts: it can be used to deflect ecto-energy blasts.
  • Ghost Shield Generation: It can create powerful ghost shields, of the size of Amity Park
  • Banishing: The sword can send anyone who feels its sting to a dimension where all their worst fears come to life.
  • Telekinesis: In the episode Reign Storm the sword returned to his owner from a long distance, though this could be a power of the Fright Knight.
  • Pyrokinesis: The sword can burst and fire green flames.


The only way to stop the swords power and defeat the Fright Knight is for someone must sheathe his sword into a pumpkin.

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