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The Soulnado is a bright green swirling whirlwind full of both immense spiritual energy and of tortured wailing spirits trapped betwixt all the realms in the universe. It is a plot element featured in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.


Original Timeline

Ancient legends tell of it believed to be a portal to The Heavens, left behind by the gods and sealed away in an ancient stone structure within an old tomb on mountain plateau near what is now known as the small village of Sun-Do in the Realm of Outworld.

Many millenniums later, once a new evil force known as the Deadly Alliance formed by both dangerous spellcasters Quan Chi and Shang Tsung with the Tarkatans at their command, took over Outworld, they discovered that the crypt they located on a nearby plateau outside Sun-Do, containing the relic in it. They began forcing the besieged town's locals to construct a palace around it. In return for help reanimating the mummified army of the long-forgotten Dragon King, Quan Chi used his dark magic to active the Soulnado from the small primitive edifice. Countless dead souls and spirits appeared in the skies and spewed forth into the Soulnado from all over Outworld. His nefarious Shang Tsung tapped into the Soulnado and gained a mass of souls and power. Consequently, his youth and strength were brought back to him like never before. Ultimately he now gained access to so many souls entangled in the storming energy that he could live for eternity. The same energy from this preternatural tempest was also used to completely revive each of Onaga's dead armored soldiers.

The whole frightening experience essentially confirms that the legends believed by native Outworld citizens including the young warrioress Li Mei were indeed true.

When the first emperor Onaga returned to Outworld in his quest to reclaim his kingdom, the two sorcerers who briefly turned on each, allied themselves with the former Elder God Raiden out of desperation. Their combined might however was still not enough to defeat Onaga. The Earthrealm thunder god eventually resort to conjure his own godlike essence in order to create an ethereal blast. Whilst this explosion was powerful enough to destroy the resurrected army and the palace itself, it had little effect upon the resurrected Dragon King due to the fact Onaga held the last Kamidogu (the stolen Amulet of Shinnok itself). The Soulnado vanished as the portal to the heavens closed. All the trapped souls were separated and set free.

The ninja spectre known as Scorpion was almost torn apart by the Soulnado after he was thrown in there by the two Oni Drahmin and Moloch. Fortunately, he was rescued by the Elder Gods from it and transported to the void only to be their chosen Champion to slain the Dragon King before he seeks to combine all the 7 Kamidogu and doom the realms.

Alternate Time

Quan Chi utilized a ritualistic incantation combined with the sacrificed dozen human soldiers at St. Dominic's Graveyard somewhere in one of Earthrealm's cities and opened up a Soulnado there to allow Emperor Shao Kahn to asborb all of Earth's souls, multiplying his power during his Outworld invasion of Earthrealm. The opening of the spell was witnessed by Cyber Sub-Zero before his fight with his undead brother Noob Saibot and it was closed when Nightwolf threw Noob Saibot into it while Quan Chi magically teleported away.


  • Its very name is a portmanteau of "soul" and "tornado".
  • The Soul Chamber at Emperor Shao Kahn's Fortress also seems to contain a Soulnado, albeit a small-scale one. It is where the gestalt warrior Ermac was created and appears to be his "home" where he recharges. This particular Soulnado was likely made by Kahn himself (or possibly Shang Tsung) with the many Souls of his vanquished enemies.
  • Shang Tsung summons a Soulnado in one of each of his intros and outros in Mortal Kombat 11.
  • It is sometimes referred to as "Sorunado" (ソルナド) in Japanese.
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