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Well, he has his own city.
~ Dr. Artemis Gordon about Dr. Arliss Loveless' "city" within the Spider Canyon.

The Spider Canyon is a city-like industrial fortress within the namesake canyon region in Utah, U.S.A., that is both home to the mad Doctor Arliss Loveless and headquarters for the Loveless Alliance organization. It is a location in the 1999 American steampunk western action comedy movie Wild Wild West based on the 1960s American old west TV series The Wild Wild West.


Spider Canyon is first discovered after James West and Artemis Gordon follow Loveless' private track. After arriving they witness Loveless and his mistresses emerge from the canyon driving a giant mechanical spider tank to their amazement. At first the spider seemed trapped but Loveless used the nitroglycerin cannon to decimate the dessert mountains and proceeded to make his way towards the railroad inauguration ceremony where President Ulysses S. Grant is set to complete the Transcontinental Railroad.

After capturing the president and Gordon, back at the main auditorium chamber in his "city" at Spider Canyon, Doctor Loveless unveiled his plan to divide the United States and tries to make President Grant sign the surrender treaty which he refuses, desperate to make him sign the surrender treaty, he threatens Gordon but before anything else happened, Jim West arrived on the scene disguised as a sultry female African belly dancer and seduced Loveless for the keys to set Gordon, Grant and Rita Escobar free. After Rita and the others were freed while the panic at the auditorium ensues, Jim West activated his fake fire breasts and burned some of Loveless' men. More of Loveless' men tried to attack West and Gordon from the front of the stage but were blown up by Gordon's 8 Ball Bomb.

During the chaos within his city caused by Jim West's rescue mission, Doctor Loveless and his mistresses recaptured the president and escaped on the giant spider vehicle.

It is unknown what became of Spider Canyon after Dr. Loveless' demise, it was either abandoned or occupied by the US Army.