The Spinward Rise

The Spinward Rise is an evil place and a location in Neverwinter Online. This seemingly lush, green wilderness is the territory of the Cult of Howiling Hatred led by Aerisi Kalinoth, known as the Prophet of Air. The place is one of the four new locations added for Elemental Evil arc alongside the Drowned Shore, the Reclamation Rock and the Fiery Pit.


After the devastating tidal wave that turned part of the High Road into the Drowned Shore, the Order of the Gauntlet began tracking elemental cultist activity across the Sword Coast. Though they quickly located the water, earth, and fire cults, it was some time before they found the base of the air cult.

High above the Neverwinter Wood, followers of Yan-C-Bin called the Cult of the Howling Hatred had allied with a family of cloud giants to erect a series of floating towers known as Spinward Rise. Disguised as a place of contemplation and learning, they lured many scholars and aesthetics before their true nature was revealed. Clerics of Shaundakul, allied with the Harpers, the Emerald Enclave, and a clan of aarakocra, led an assault on Spinward Rise.

There, they discovered that the cloud giants and cultists were creating devastation orbs, which they planned to unleash on cities all across the Sword Coast. After foiling their plans with the aid of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, though, their encampment came under siege by a massive force of air cultists, cloud giants, and slaadi. At its head was the prophet Aerisi Kalinoth - the winged elf leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred - but even her power was not enough to achieve victory, as both she and her cult were destroyed.

After the air cult's defeat, the Harpers starts to track down Aerisi, who is presumed deceased or at large. In the end, all four cults are defeated for now, putting the Elemental Evil crisis to an end.

In The Maze Engine arc, Drizzt Do'Urden and Minsc discovered that the surviving air and water cultists were meeting at Spinward Rise; the heroes accompanied them there to claim their grimoires.

Points of interest

  • Stratos Tower
  • Windcall Temple
  • Nimbus Court



  • The Spinward Rise is the only base of an Elemental Cult that is completely new, not reside beside or within any of the existed locations of the game, even though it is above the Neverwinter Wood.
    • It is hinted, however, it is right above the Reclamation Rock as well.
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