Villainous Overview

Spoiled Brats

I'm Princess, and Daddy buys me anything I want! And I wanna be a Powerpuff Girl!
~ Princess Morbucks

Spoiled Brats are evildoers (usually younger like children or teenagers) who are very, very spoiled, and have no problem showing it. Oftentimes they are whiny, lazy, and rude. These villains are used to getting what they want and often become villains after seeing something they want but cannot have. An example is Princess Morbucks of the Powerpuff Girls who turned out to be evil even after the Powerpuff Girls would not let her join. This is the same with Veruca Salt of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory because these villains can be stereotypically bratty or behave like this if they do not get their way. Spoiled brats are also often snobby and narcissistic; they care more about getting what they want all the time and the material world more than other people's needs and feelings.

Some Spoiled Brats have a mindset that the could think that his status in the society can give them everything they wants like an Elitist (The two category can overlap) like Biskit Twins, Although this is usually with some kinds of villains who have no little to no friends or allies alike.

A Complete Monster should never be added at this category (although they sometimes can be), as they typically a have more center mindset and go much further than merely being spoiled brats due to how heinous their crimes are.

In other hand, Some Spoiled Brats are no necessary evil or mean usually some can by Villains by Proxy or Victims of the circumstances such as they are blackmailed or treated to death or scarred or be Possessed/Brainwashed for a greater evil, but at the end they can be redeemable such as Draco Malfoy of the Haryy Potter franchise is a good example.


Now go to the kitchen and get me some cookies. (Chuckie: But Angelica - ) JUST DO IT!
~ Angelica Pickles demanding cookies from the babies.
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