Squidward's Suicide

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Squidward's Suicide (known as Red Mist) is an lost episode from the famous Nickelodeon animated series Spongebob Squarepants which depicts the character Squidward Tentacles committing suicide. It has become so famous, it has been founded on Creepypasta.

The Story

The episode starts off with Squidward playing his clarinet while in front of his house is SpongeBob laughing. Squidward stops playing his instrument, starting to shout at SpongeBob, telling him that he needs to be quiet, because he is rehearsing for his concert. SpongeBob then leaves. Normal transition with bubbles appears, as it shows the ending of Squidward's concert.

The audience starts booing his performance, even SpongeBob, while the audience had very realistic bright red human eyes. After the concert, Squidward was sitting on his bed, very sad, as he places his hands onto his eyes, starting to cry.

The screen starts to get closer to Squidward's face, Squidward crying and the wind is heard in the background. Someone's laughing starts to play, as the screen blurs out, while it shakes rapidly. Something gets flashed out on the screen very quickly. The interns stopped the video, going back to see what flashed out. It was a picture of a dead child, with its stomach cut off, and its organs placed next to it.

The video goes on, as the laughing becomes way louder and demonic. Blood starts to get out of Squidward's eyes. Another picture flashed out very quickly. The interns again went back to see what was it. The image reviews a little girl, laying on her stomach, with a lot of blood next to her, she was only in her underpants. Her body parts were placed on her back. Squidward uncovers his eyes, reviewing its psychopathic totally human realistic eyes, same what the crow had.

The blood started going out from his eyes, as Squidward started to release sounds, quickly another picture pooped up. The image shows again a photo of the boy in the first image. But this time, it shows a hand ripping out the boy's body parts out of his body. It was discovered over five images of the boy in the video, and in every image, something else was happening to him.

In the end, it shows Squidward with a shotgun in his hands, as a very deep voice says: "DO IT". Squidward then places the shotgun inside of his mouth and pulls the trigger, committing suicide. In the last 5 minutes, another image of the boy is shown, and the episode ends.



  • The extremely likely official reference to Squidward's Suicide.

    Squidward's Suicide was on the 5th place on the video 5 Urban Legend Videos Believed To Be TRUE.
  • Squidward's Suicide has been officially referenced in the Spongebob Squarepants episode "SpongeBob in RandomLand".
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