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The Strongest of Black Magic refers to a dangerously powerful dark magic ceremony in the Super Sentai metaseries' 16th installment Kyouryu Sentai Zyuranger.


This ritual requires a set of mystical equipment comprised of a small black altar with a white, humanoid skull sitting on a black, humanoid woman statue which also holding a matching crescent moon; dozens of red candles where some of them flanked both statue and skull, and a clear crystal ball in front of the statue as its primary instrument. Similarities between both ended there, for Strongest of Black Magic was devised for more sinister purposes, most notably to bring forth Dai-Satan, a god-like demonic being from whom Witch Bandora got her dark magic powers via. a pact between them.

In addition of the set, the Strongest of Black Magic requires two things; the Dai-Satan Tower Tower and sacrifices in form of 13 children all around 10 years old and lived alongside their parents within a radius of 1 km in the Tower's vicinity. Satan Tower is a demonic construct in form of a pale-white pillar with a seemingly-androgynous face sculpture both held by 3-flat claw features and having 2 ruby-red eyes that can project electrical blasts of dark magic to prevent anyone from disturbing it and acts as the beacon for Dai Satan to enter human world. The Tower is also where sacrifices are painfully sealed within to fuel this macabre ritual. In terms of selecting sacrifices in question, their residence must be marked with special cards through which Bandora not only discovered where they lived at, but also how many reflective surfaces she can use as the medium to spirit them away with.

Not surprisingly, the Strongest of Black Magic ceremony comes with the risks as much as its preparations; according to Bandora herself, the failure in performing the ritual will cost the wicked witch her life. True to this, as she recites the spell once all preparations are completed, infernal forces produced by Strongest of Black Magic reaches to harmful levels to the point of ravaging her, causing blood to run from her blind eyes. Even so, she managed to spare herself from the worst and ensured its success due to Pleprechaun's use of Dokiita Clay to create the near-invincible DoraFranke to keep Zyurangers at bay, and subsequently rewarded by Dai-Satan who turned her back to normal. Despite Dai Satan on her side however, her plan to destroy the Zyuranger team failed because of their god-like Zords' new combination that banished the latter to hell, causing Satan Tower to crumble and free trapped children within mere moments before their life-forces completely used up.


  • It takes up to 2 days straight in preparing the ritual.