Sun Lok's Abdominal Belt (also called Sun Lok's Belt) is an antique, bronze, abdominal belt with a small dragon design on it that belonged to the evil wizard Sun Lok and one of the many items featured in the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It serves as the magical catalyst for his spells.

When first encountered by Dave Stutler in New York's Chinatown while the sorcerer Balthazar Blake was battling his old enemy Maxim Horvath, Sun Lok used his Morganian magic on his belt by waving his bronze claws over a small dragon design on it to transform a decorated Chinese dragon into a living creature during a Chinese festival while men parading in the costume became trapped inside the organic interiors of the enchanted object they were using. Dave later successfully used his Prime Merlinean powers to defeat Sun Lok's Dragon which inadvertently fell upon its master, destroying him and his magic belt.


This catalyst takes the appearance of bronze abdominal belt that has a dragon motif emblazoned on it. Whenever Sun Lok uses its power to bring nearby objects to life as a huge dragon and control it, the dragon motif on the belt will animate itself and move around where its movements controlled by gesturing it. For an unexplained reason, the dragon motif can also crawl its way to the user's skin.

The belt seemed to also be paired with the golden claws that Sun Lok also wore, as the Asian conjuror is only seen gesturing his animated dragon crest with them.

Videogame Appearance

Sun Lok the Wizard

Sun Lok as seen in the videogame The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Sun Lok's Abdominal Belt is featured in the 2010 Nintendo DS videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Sun Lok himself as the game's first boss.



  • Unexplained in the movie, the dragon on the belt began to crawl into his skin.
  • Similar to Maxim Horvath and Abigail Williams, Sun Lok does not use a ring as his catalyst to perform any sorcery.
  • It is unknown when, where, or how Sun Lok obtained this belt, or who it belonged to before Sun Lok.
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