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Superstore USA was a shopping corporate department store that plays a villainous role in the Season 5 episode "Hell Comes to Quahog" of the hit animated adult sitcom show Family Guy.


It was shown to be more than a department store as it had its own brewery, its own newspaper delivery route, its own pharmacy and its own deli, all of which force Griffin Family members Peter and Chris and their neighbors Mort Goldman, and Cleveland Brown out of their respective jobs. It even carried assault rifles and lists of known homosexuals in their sixth and fourth aisles respectively. The Store also hoarded a lot of electricity, which caused blackouts throughout Quahog, especially during a heatwave. Meg Griffin, hoping to get money to buy a car for herself lands a job at the store.

Later on, Peter arrives at the store with much of Quahog to protest against it and to get its customers to leave. However, when Peter walks in and experiences its “industrial” air conditioning, he gets a job there instead. However, he does horrible at it and takes advantage by avoiding work as much as possible, while the store begins to cause more misery throughout Quahog, making the town look more and more awful.

Soon Meg is promoted to assistant manager at Superstore USA and is given the job to fire Peter as he is grossly incompetent, sleeps on the job and plays hide and seek in the coat racks. However, she chooses to resign instead.

Much earlier in the episode, when Peter took Meg to buy a car, he got distracted by large tank at the dealership and was tricked by conman Jim Kaplan into buying it. At first, Peter uses the tank himself, despite it being intended for Meg, but then he teaches Meg to drive it. However, when Peter teaches Meg to drive the tank, the two accidentally but non-fatally run over their paraplegic neighbor and police officer Joe Swanson, who then impounds it.

Later, when Quahog begins to look more and more awful, Brian and Stewie decide to destroy Superstore USA. They retrieve Peter's tank and drive it through the superstore as Peter and Meg escape through an emergency exit, while the store's manager is killed by a large piece of cardboard. After bulldozing the inside of the store, Brian and Stewie drive outside and destroy it with the tank's cannon, but only after killing the annoying Paddy Tanniger. With Superstore USA Gone, the electricity supply to Quahog is restored and everyone regains their jobs.