The T-Abyss Virus

The T-Abyss Virus

This is the T-Abyss virus, and we are equipped to infect one fifth of the earth's waters.
~ Veltro Spokesman (Jack Norman) about the T-Abyss Virus.

The T-Abyss Virus is a mutagenic virus descending from the infamous T-Virus, and used as a weapon by a group of bioterrorists known as Il Veltro in the mid-2000s.


A team of scientists at Montpellier University of Marine Science found and discovered the new fish virus from a deep-sea fish by carrying out the 4th deep-sea investigation at the Kermadec Trench with an unmanned exploration vessel. The new virus t-Abyss was created by combining The Abyss virus, which was named after the fear of unfathomed depth, and the T-Virus.

The creation of the T-Abyss virus, shows how easy it has become to develop viruses that can mutate across species, even the B.O.W. can be created using fish based genes. There were only a few incidents where the t-Abyss was used to attack, but even now new types of B.O.W. are being developed.

In 2005, the terrorist group Il Veltro threatened to release the small quantity of the virus they possessed to contaminate 1/5 of the Earth's oceans.


These are the list of known mutations that were brought about by the t-Abyss virus:

  • Ooze - Human male
  • Sea Creeper - Human female
  • Scagdead - rare (can only be accomplished in 1 out of 1000 subjects)
  • Ghiozzo - Fish
  • Farfarello - Hunter
  • Fenrir - Wolf
  • Globster - Human
  • Draghignazzo - Humanoid Shellfish
  • Rachael - Unique mutation
  • Malacoda - Whale
  • Scarmiglione - Unknown
  • Ultimate Abyss - Jack Norman
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