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Well, look who's discovered our secret lab. Since you've made it this far, let me show you what I've cooked up.
~ Joker showing Batman the Titan compound.

The Titan formula, which also known as "TITAN", is a compound of Bane's venom and Poison Ivy's plants. This had the same effects of Bane's venom, except it takes a smaller dose for the process. The idea was Joker's, which he fooled Arkham Asylum's scientist Dr. Penelope Young into making it for him who began testing it on inmates. Even though she did not know that she was persuaded by the Joker.


Batman: Arkham Asylum

As Joker broke free and took over Arkham Asylum, with the aid of Harley Quinn, Batman went after him. As he finds the Joker, he sees him standing on top of a transfer cell who explains his purpose for being there. He opens the cell to reveal a Titan enhance inmate that the asylum had secretly been working on. Batman engages into battle with it, but then the inmate dies from a heart failure that was caused by the formula. After seeing this, Joker had to look for stronger test subjects.

Later on, as Batman investigates the Arkham Asylum, he and Commissioner Gordon finds Bane imprisoned at the medical center, being drained from his venom to complete the Titan formula. Bane explains to them that Dr. Young did this to him, which created these series of events. Suddenly, Joker appears on a nearby screen and sees Bane revealed to Batman and Gordon. This makes Joker inject Titan into Bane, allowing him to regain his full strength to deal with Batman. However, Batman gains the upper hand as he actives his vehicle to ram Bane into the ocean.

As Batman continues his search, he stumbles upon Dr. Young's research and discovered that she is in league with a person named Jack White, who was unaware that he was actually the Joker. Young's inclination for the formula was to help patience survive harsh therapies. As she discovered Joker's true intention for the chemical compound, she stop the manufacturing of it, which made Joker come to Arkham Asylum. Batman then finds Dr. Young being held captive by Victor Zsasz .Batman knocked him out and saved Dr. Young. She tells him that they make the Titan compound at a hidden lab at the botanical garden. She walks over to a nearby picture frame that has safe behind it, containing the key codes. But as she reveals it, it has a painted face on it, which causes it to explode, thus killing her.

Batman heads to the botanical gardens where he encounters Joker, along with two of his goons. Joker grabs out a gun filled with the perfected Titan compound and shoots it at his two henchman. Joker then makes a run for it with a supply of TITAN as Batman deals with his Titan henchman.

In order to create a cure, Batman has to look for plant spores, located in Killer Croc's sewer lair. While collecting spores, he runs into Killer Croc. Croc chases him and corners him at the end of his lair. Luckily for Batman, he detonates a hole beneath him, making him fall in it.

As Batman gets the antidote ready, Joker throws a party at Arkham, who is inviting Batman there. As Batman arrives, Joker unleashes two Titan enhance security guards upon him, but they were defeated by Batman afterwards. After Joker watches this, he reveals Commissioner Gordon to him. Joker shoots a Titan dart at Gordon, but Batman takes the bullet for him. Batman tries to resist, which makes Joker take an overdose of the drug

Batman: Arkham City


Titan allows its users to grow big and strong. It also makes the users eyes to turn green, and bones to appear from their bodies.


The effects of the formula is temporary. However, the exposure to it can lead to heart failure. As Joker used it, he took an overdose of it, which lead to a disease that he was suffering from in Arkham City and later died from it.

Evil Uses

The Penguin had uses for it. After he discovered it, being shipped from Arkham Asylum, he took it and used it on one of his thugs. He then put him in his museum collection. As Batman came looking for Mr. Freeze there, Penguin attempted to kill him by unleashing the Titan from a cage dangling above him.

After Joker's death, Harley Quinn took over and used the compound on one of her thugs. He was not seen then, until Harley released him to stop Robin from saving Batman.


  • It is often referred to as "Titan Formula" and "Titan Compound".