Tao Magic

Pagua Sonfa, Pagua Sonfa, Pagua Sonfa, Pagua Sonfa....
~ The Pagua Sonfa mantra used in the art of Tao Magic.

Tao Magic is a form of ancient Chinese magic used by the majority of the antagonists in the anime Outlaw Star.


Tao Magic

They're using Tao magic!
~ Gene Starwind about the Kei Pirates using Tao Magic.

Over the centuries, the abilities used by the Chinese pirate guilds have been shrouded in mystery, the Kei Pirates are the only ones who's specific type of magic is known. Tao Magic more or less provides the power of an entire army into one single guild member. By chanting the mantra "Pagua Sonfa" and using hand signs and gestures to focus chi energy, Tao Magic can be used for a variety of purposes. Effects include, but are not limited to; Levitation and flying spells, teleportation, enhanced perception and tracking spells, creating powerful shields for protection; some shield spells are so powerful that they allow the user to survive unharmed in the vacuum of space with only a small air supply, and firing powerful energy blasts capable of wide-scale destruction.

Tao Masters are the most feared of all Tao users, they can use Tao magic to almost any effect they want. Some are able to summon ghostly dragons made of pure energy, control the elements to create whirlpools and tornadoes, put up a shield merely by hand sign and force of will, shield entire spaceships, perform highly potent and deadly telekinesis capable of crushing people bodies(even those with high advanced and durable android bodies), make the users' bodies immune from even caster shells, and perform powerful and highly advanced Tao rituals and secret spells.

Tao Magic requires constant chanting and concentration, It also seems to be very physically draining on the user's body. However, the most powerful of Tao Masters, like Lord Hazanko, are able to use even the strongest Tao Magic spells without having to chant and it causes them no visible exhaustion at all.

Overall, with such a powerful and lethal form of magic, combined with advanced martial arts and vast resources and wealth, it's quite easy to see why the Kei Pirates are the most brutal and feared of the four pirate guilds.

Known Tao Masters


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