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[[File:|thumb|250px|The Temple of the Toad God, also known as the Temple of the Toad.]]

The Temple of the Toad God, also known as the Temple of the Toad, is an ancient temple found within the jungles of modern day Honduras, South America and it was built in the honor of the Toad God.

The Temple of the Toad God was built in present-day Honduras by Lumerian or Atlantean peoples long before a great cataclysm that sank their civilizations into the ocean.

The Mayans in the Honduran country believed it to be a cursed place and did their best to avoid it.

This large basalt temple was carved out of a cliff deep in an unexplored jungle location and the outside was carved with a single entrance with a huge grinning toad face as if to warn others to stay away.

Inside the temple were huge antechambers filled with intricate carvings and a central room that held the mummified corpse of the Temple’s last priest that sat in a stone throne, staring and watching from the darkness. Around the mummified neck, the ancient priest wore a large ruby jeweled key that would open the crypt located below the temple. Deep underground the crypt lay the sleeping Toad God.