No witch would be strong enough to cast this spell alone. But the Witch Queen's linking their minds like a chain.
~ Kaulder about The Chant.

The Chant, also known as The Chanting, is a deadly form of magic which was invented by the dreaded Witch Queen and the witch kind's most deadly weapon in The Last Witch Hunter.

Usage and Characteristics

The Chant is the most powerful spell with origins shrouded in mystery. It enables a conjurer to create and sprout the Plague Tree, a large tree which specifically conjured for both creation and production of the supernatural breed of fly called Sarchopaga Samanos, better known as Plague Flies, in massive scale. All of the plague flies are specifically created as a preternatural bio-weapon, as they carry the Black Plague with them that is not only more deadly than the regular Black Plague that actually caused by Yersinia pestis, but also incurable with normal means as the plague that produced by these flies are supernatural in nature.

In order to use this sorcerous technique properly, a witch or a warlock would need other witches' powers by linking his/her mind to them like a chain. Once their minds perfectly linked onto each other, all of them would performed long and complex incantations which would hastened the growth and power of whatever enchantment/curse they have in mind. For the Witch Queen, it would hasten the growth of plague flies inside the roots of the plague tree until they growth into adult flies that would swarmed to the designated location(s) to spread such supernaturally-enhanced disease like wildfire and would kill all populations.


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