• Arthas Menethil: Because of him ignoring the warning about the corruptive curse within the runeblade Frostmourne, Arthas Menethil, upon touching it, inevitably succumbed to its dark curse and becomes the malicious, cold and ruthless death knight he became to this day.
  • Victims of the One Ring: No matter whatever reason to use and possesses the One Ring, the wearer will ultimately become evil or worse, devolved into a hideous creature (ex. Gollum). During the Council of Elrond, Elrond states that anyone using the Ring to overthrow Sauron would create a new Dark Lord in his place. This is even implied to happen to Morgoth and his lieutenant Sauron: The former started out just wanting to create something of his own, and devolved into wanting to kill everything. The latter felt the world would be a better place with the imposition of his order, and then just wanted the power that came with ruling.
  • Chirin: Because of adopting the lifestyle that mostly defy his nature as a sheep (living and training in the way of wolves) out of revenge, Chirin gradually forgot who and what he was that by the time he became more than capable to avenge his mother, he has grown into neither sheep nor wolf, but rather an abomination.
  • Terra (Teen Titans 2003): From the moment Terra decided to join Slade so she can properly control her powers, little did she realized she became as ruthless as her mentor through overwhelming her former friends. Even so, whatever remaining compassion she had, as well as Slade's betrayal, eventually forced her to see her errors and redeem herself.
  • Cassandra: After discovering that she is the daughter of Mother Gothel who abandoned her for Rapunzel, Cassandra became bitter and allowed herself to be corrupted by the Moonstone in her volition. As a result, she becomes progressively evil and vengeful.
  • Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader: Because of Palpatine's influence that worsened his issues and failure to save his wife Padme, Anakin succumbed to the Dark Side and turned against Padme and brought downfall to Jedi Order, becoming Darth Vader in process. What made his case even tragic is that not only it left a lasting damage by helping the rise of the Galatic Empire, but his downfall was the testament of how hopelessly flawed Jedi Order had became during Anakin's days as a Jedi.
  • Ben Solo/Kylo Ren: Being the heir of the Skywalkers and Vader, Ben Solo was burdened by his family legacy. He started to hate this legacy because it created unrealistic expectations about him for both the Light and the Dark Side. To make matters worse, he was always hearing voices in his head since a very young age (which was Palpatine corrupting his mind through his creation, Snoke). Snoke would try to convince him that he was unwanted and feared by his family because of his power, which was partly true as his mother sent him away to train with his uncle for fearing that he would become like Vader, and Luke later was tempted to kill him in his sleep after sensing the darkness within him. After feeling betrayed by Luke, Ben went to Snoke as he was the last person he trusted, thus embracing the Dark Side as he also thought it was the path in which he would find his true self. However, by the time he assumed the identity of Kylo Ren, he was so consumed with hatred that he was a very different person, forgetting who he truly was.
  • Nimue: As result of murdering Vortigern with her magic, Nimue has allowed herself to be corrupted by the Darkness, resulting her transformation into a Dark One as will others after her in centuries to come.
  • Superman (Injustice): Injustice iteration of the boy wonder becomes the villain after he was manipulated by the Joker into killing his wife, Lois and destroy Metropolis, though he was once a pure hearted hero.
  • Heidi Turner: After rejecting Kyle and being manipulated by Cartman into staying with him and eating junk food, Heidi turns fat and becomes a version of Cartman.
  • Natsu Dragneel aka. E.N.D.: Because he was resurrected by his older brother Zeref as the ultimate Etherious, E.N.D. Natsu is doomed to suffer this fate, something that later confirmed when Lucy seemingly died on his hands. At that very point, he turned into his demon form and attacked anyone who stand between him and Zeref until is stopped by combined efforts of Erza and the recovered Lucy who used Book of Zeref, which started it all, to defeat the latter and restored Natsu back to himself.
  • Lucy: As a child, Kaede (later known as “Lucy”) began to hear a voice in her head that tried to convince her to take revenge and kill the ones that betrayed or did any harm to her. This “Diclonius DNA voice” wanted Kaede to wipe out the humanity and replace them with the Diclonius race. Kaede unconsciously fell to the whims of this voice for the first time because of a group of bullies. Kaede tolerated and ignored the bullies, but when they murdered her puppy, she released her vectors (invisible telekinetic “arms” of the Diclonii) for the first time to kill them. But it was only after meeting and falling in love with Kouta, and then feeling betrayed by him, that Kaede finally surrendered herself completely to the voice. She murdered Kouta’s father and sister, then for the next years, the voice instructed her to kill people and infect human males with her vectors, so they would have Diclonius children. Thus, as a result of the misfortunes in her life, she developed hatred towards humanity and became a cold-hearted serial killer, which contrasts on how caring she was with her puppy or how happy she was beside Kouta before surrendering to the voice.
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