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The White Bitch's Wand is a magic sceptre belonging to the White Bitch in the 2007 spoof comedy film Epic Movie. It is a parody of Queen Jadis' Wand from The Chronicles of Gnarnia universe.

It is an platinum ornate sceptre with a sharp crystal at the helm, and inside the crystal is a very powerful, alchemical turquoise liquid that even a single drop of it will magically materialize anything out of nothing at its owner's command (in Edward's case, a Colt 40 liquor bottle, though the White Bitch secretly and jokingly replied "Fresh dog piss. Go ahead."). The wand itself contains vast magical powers including the power of electromancy, when zapped at targets, sends them flying away shocked and hurt, or blasts them as they poofed into oblivion.

Just like Jadis' wand, this wand is of unknown origin.

When the White Bitch talks to Edward (one of the four protagonists) about him becomng king, she shoot at her dwarfish right-hand minion Bink for saying that he cannot be king.

The Wand is later seen in the White Bitch's Castle used by the tyrantess against her longtime archenemy Aslo the Lion-man during the heroes' escape from her frozen castle dungeons as she she slashes at him and stabs him while she bids him "goodbye".

During the final battle in the huge Gnarnian wilderness, the White Bitch tries to kill Peter with her wand, but due to the aid of a magic remote (from the movie Click), he pauses time. The wand, along with the White Bitch, is later destroyed by the White Bitch's old enemy Captain Jack Swallows with a giant wheel.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike Jadis' wand, this wand doesn't have the ability to turn organic matter into stone. However, just like Jadis' wand, the exact extent of the wand's power and capabilities are unknown.


  • The Pervertskis (the parents of the four protagonists Lucy, Edward, Susan, and Peter)
  • Many other people and/or animals.
  • Bink
  • Aslo


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