Hunt the Jedi. Get others to hunt them as well. Offer bounties. Ten times more for one alive than dead. One might be turned.
~ Darth Krayt ordering the New Jedi Order to be destroyed

The Third Jedi Purge was a military campaign launched by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Krayt, in an attempt to destroy the New Jedi Order and erradicate the presence of the Jedi from the galaxy and ensure that the Sith retain absolute control over the galaxy with his new empire.


In 130 ABY, Darth Krayt and his order, the One Sith, had successfully taken the planet of coruscant and established a new Galactic Empire which spanned all across the galaxy covering most of the galaxy. This ensured a galaxy that was under the control of the Sith once more and the Jedi were forced off Coruscant once more however, the New Jedi Order was still active and posed a threat to the One Sith and their empire. 

In an effort to wipe out the New Jedi Order, Darth Krayt had ordered that the Jedi be exterminated once more in a purge similiar to the previous ones launched by the Sith centuries before. With the Jedi gone, the One Sith would be left unopposed and the dark lord's rule would be enforced all across the galaxy with virtually no resistance.

The purge began in 130 ABY after the Jedi Acamademy on Ossus was destroyed by the SIth-Imperial Forces which ended in a massacre for both sides and half of the Jedi being killed in both the Sith takeover of Coruscant and the Massacre on Ossus. The remnants of the New Jedi Order and the survivng Jedi fled into hiding in the Hidden Temple and Darth Krayt had feared tha the surviving Jedi would align themselves with the desposed Emperor Roan Fel and his Empire-in-Exile faction or the Galactic Alliance Remnant so, he had his apprentice, Darth Maladi, the head of SIth Intelligence and Assassination, put bounties on the heads of the survivng Jedi in exchange for their capture. To a lesser extent, the Imperial Knights had also been targeted for their allegience to the desposed emperor and their unorthodox practicing of Jedi teachings. 

The purge would go on during the Second Imperial Civil War over the course of eight years as the One Sith waged their crusade against the New Jedi Order in an attempt to wipe out the Jedi once and for all. Unlike the previous purges however, the Sith didn't have the advantages that they had before and the Jedi were able to rally many to their side and assemble armies needed to bring down Krayt. The Jedi and their allies would soon launch an all-out assault on Coruscant to retake the planet in 138 ABY and the won which resulted in the death of Darth Krayt and the purge comming to an end.

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