• Hey, there, admin, I need to request a favor if you don't mind. I got a few more villainous for One Piece. Also, some of the One Piece characters are not under the category like I mentioned earlier, also, Miss Merry Chirstmas is not in bold.

    Foxy - despite Luffy suffering severe beatings from him, the Straw Hat Captain will to keep fighting and not staying down was leaving him severly shocked as Luffy even stated he was going to win the Davy Back Fight even if it meant killing him.

    Kaku - he was shock to see an aura emitted from Zoro, believing it was a "God of War" and it when it happened again, Kaku was shocked again to see Zoro emitted numerous arms and heads that resemble Asura that dissolved his Tempest Kick.

    Blueno - during his fight with Luffy, he was shocked to see that his Gear Second is making him move faster than he his and that he couldn't keep up with his eyesight.

    Jabra - when he was hit by Sanji's Diable Jambe, he screamed and freaked out in pain that his Iron Body didn't work, however, when Sanji was in the air, he thought he got sloppy only to plead for him to stop when he fell into a trap.

    Fukuro - Franky stopped the momentum of the spinning which left him shocked, and when he was about to unleash a Coup de Vent at maximum at his face, Fukuro began to panick and attempted to punch him off but failed.

    Kumadori - when Chopper was forced into using his Monster Point, Kumadori attempts to use Life Return Hair Bind but when Chopper unleashed a roar, Kumadori's hair froze and he even stated himself that his "subconscious is telling him to escape with his life" but didn't listen, however, when he was injured, he stood in fear after getting up when Chopper approached before pummeling him.

    Kalifa - she was infuriated when Nami electrocuted her. When Kalifa thinked she figured she won, she let her guard down after realizing Nami set another trap and failed to avoid it.

    Spandam - he's cowardly and gets hot-headed easily when something doesn't go his way. He freaked out when the Straw Hats declarded war on the World Government, accidentally calling the Buster Call, was sniped by Usopp, attacked by Robin and Franky, yelled at the marines to capture the Straw Hats, and when Robin snapped his body.

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