As you said, majorities of them need cleanup where my personal opinion regarding how to solve them to be like this:

  • Evil Costume Switch, Evil Babies, Evil Cops, and Captive Evil Date might too irrelevant for this wikia considering No TV Tropes policy here, so it's okay if it deleted. (Evil Cops supposedly part of Corrupt Officials)
  • This Cannot Be and Big "NO" may best to be merged wuth Villainous Breakdown where both serves as forms of the said breakdowns.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil should be best to be merged with Origin Story as list of scenarios regarding how a person turned evil.

About the rest, i'd better of seeing how much this part need to be clean up, buddy. What i stated above was my personal opinion and it might nit entirely accurate that yiu may also need to talk about it wuth other admins.

Yeah, got it.

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