If you ask about my headcanons pertaining The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I got a few of them:

A. Veronica is Morgana's kinswoman and they knew each other for quite some time prior to Morgana's betrayal and murder on Merlin. Got this headcanon from her surname contains the name Gorlois, the name of Morgan le Fay's father and the original husband to Arthur's mother, Igraine.
B. Horvath's secondary motive; assuming that there's an anti-spellcaster movement, said movement might responsible for death of some, if not all members of Horvath's family which left him embittered towards humanity. His love for Veronica is supposedly what kept him from becoming a misanthropic Morganian. When Veronica chose Balthazar over him, he had enough and sided with Morgana. Through this headcanon, Veronica may have some guilt over this issue (beside love triangle thingy).
C. Abigail revealed to survive Horvath's parasite spell and has connection to an otherworldly force unknown to Horvath. This force had part in shaping Morganians' history and resulted the evil sorcerers faction split into two unknown to Dave and co. until recently; the one that followed Morgana's original plan and another that sided with that force should the other failed in taking over the world. This force, revealed to be an eldritch entity who inhabited magical dimension, was worshipped by second Morganian faction who hellbent in bringing it to our world. Because of its otherworldly nature, only those who gifted with magic that can see it without going mad.

What do you think? I hope I don't send this message at the wrong time. Oh, and I let you know that I made a new page called Magic Dimension at The Sorcerer's Apprentice wiki which you can see here.

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