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Timecraft requires an abundance of raw temporal energy. Every mortal soul contains a lifetime of this power. Every hour, every minute, every second lived, is stored within.Lady Kronika about the secret ancient art of Timecraft.

Timecraft is the name of the arcane and cosmic form of magic coined and practiced by Lady Kronika, the Keeper of Time and Architect of History. It serves as a plot element in the 2019 fighting videogame Mortal Kombat 11.


Timecraft is an ancient sorcery sorcery used to control time and do all sorts of feats possible when it comes to time itself, to pause, rewind, forward, slow down, or probably travel through time and space. It can also be used to influence or direct, even a slightest of a bit, every individual's moves and actions, changing the course of history with foreseen or unforeseen results. Also this magic is said to absorb and control souls of the dead.

Lady Kronika, who is admittedly a powerful of an obscure group of monstrous immortals called the Titans, is the one who founded this "sacred" art and she is alone capable of mastering it as she uses it to sculpt sands of time within her mystical Hourglass.

Although powerful as it seemed, the art of Timecraft still has its limitations; the usage of such magic art at its fullest requires immense sources of energy from the outside, such as Earthrealm's Jinsei and the obscure sacred relic known only as the Crown of Kronika empowered by the countless souls it's mystic ability absorbs, which allows the bearer to perform it as much as Kronika herself.

The latter limitation was confirmed through the treacherous Earthrealm sorcerer Shang Tsung who utilizes his soul-stealing ability to gather souls from his victims over his lifetime and discreetly fed some of them into the floating Crown on his own Well of Souls at the late Shokan ruler Prince Goro's Lair on his Island. Being the prominent disciple of Kronika herself as much as her vital pawn, Shang Tsung was aware of the true purpose behind such act, more so since it was he who designed Crown of Kronika to begin with thus confirmed a greater purpose of his ability to consume souls beyond simply empowering himself.

Timecraft has little effect against those with enough power to counteract it such as the thunder god Raiden and Liu Kang along with his Revenant counterpart, which confirmed by the latter once he ascended into a god during the climatic final showdown at the Isle of Kronika.

Known Users

  • Kronika (founder and original user)
  • Shang Tsung
  • Liu Kang (as Fire God Liu Kang)
  • Lady Cetrion


  • Timecraft is a portmanteau of both "time" and witchcraft (sometimes referred to as "craft" as this alias is somewhat inspired by the modern gothic fantasy thriller movie The Craft of the 1990s).
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