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The Toluca Prison, also once known as the Toluca Prison Camp, is a haunted defunct 19th century penitentiary located in the eldritch legendary ghost town of Silent Hill.

Originally constructed as Toluca Prison Camp in 1862, this entire stone building, built brick by brick, was used to house prisoners of war during the American Civil War. It was later changed into its new name "Toluca Prison", a "normal" prison in the eyes of the public, in 4 years' time (immediately after the end of the War Between the States which is the said 19th century national conflict known for amongst its other documented aliases). It was then closed in the early 1900s for unknown reasons unexplained, but possibly due to water damage and constant flooding as this stone prison was built on the grounds next to the haunted Toluca Lake.

The exact location of this particular landmark was on the grounds of the modern-day Silent Hill Historical Society headquarters. Entrance to the old prison through tunnels extending to the museum, but the prison front doors are the same as the museum doors (old wooden doors with dirty glass, which are never suitable for such a prison-like establishment), and earth surface can be viewed through them, there was a labyrinth there from the prison by going even further underground. The prison was torn down and replaced by the said historical museum on these very grounds.


  • There was an older "Silent Hill Prison" once mentioned in Lost Memories: Silent Hill Chronicle, yet however, it is unconfirmed if this is a separate correctional facility.