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A winner isn't the one who accomplishes some made-up goal, a true winner is the one who manages to resist their dark side the best. A loser isn't the one who fails in accomplishing some made-up goal, a true loser is the one who fails in resisting their dark side the worst.
~ NerdyPopCultureGuy
There is always someone whose mind is way too alien and complex for another person's comprehension.
~ NerdyPopCultureGuy
Oh well, you cannot change the timeline and thus, the past.
~ NerdyPopCultureGuy
Sometimes life is like an anvil: tough and sometimes like a candy cane: sweet.
~ NerdyPopCultureGuy
I'll take rice porridge, liver casserole, 15 ham-chicken-cheese-banana-cherry-strawberry-jam-rye sandwiches with olives on top of them, a blueberry pie, a bag of onion rings and 10 6-packs of orange soda. Yep, that's Gluttony, it's way too strong!
~ NerdyPopCultureGuy

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