I can't and I won't!

I'm sorry for ranting about it but I really must act out my frustration. This film ruined not only Star Wars but its characters too! These children in The Last Jedi were okay but everything else in this movie sucks completely! This movie was boring, Snoke and Phasma were killed off without any explanation of their origins and Luke never left exile. Also, Kylo Ren's internal conflicts were completely unnecessary and stupid while Luke's attempt to kill Ben Solo was unacceptable. The worst thing is that this movie's director, Rian Johnson, is very self-centered, ignores the fans and doesn't regret anything (he is even proud of it which upsets fans further). I really wish Star Wars creators listened to fans at least once and removed The Last Jedi from canon. Creators always win against fans but this time it should be vice versa. Fans were writing petitions to remove this movie from canon. And I hope that they will succeed in excluding this movie from canon. This is very unfair that fans are often ignored. I really want The Last Jedi to be permanently excluded and removed from Star Wars canon and I hope that Rian Johnson will be permanently banned from Star Wars series. I hope that someone agrees with me.

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