Van Kleiss' Castle, is an abandoned palace that is in Abysus and a location featured in animated series Generator Rex. It is the lair of the evil nanite villain Van Kleiss.


Van Kleiss' Castle is located in the country of the Abysus. It is Van Kleiss' base of operations, as well is his home. It's here the Nanite project was held, but something went wrong. The castle was heavily damaged nanite tank exploded. There are large tree roots that stretch out from the bottom to the away inside. There's a garden with EVOs that have been turned into stone by Van Kleiss.

There's laboratory where Van Kleiss works on his own inventions. The castle seems made around with nanites so it's somehow connected to Van Kleiss. When Van Kleiss died the castle feel into ruins, when Rex revived him the it was restored.

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