Villain's Food and Fuel

Feeding time!
~ Dr. Neugog

Even great villains need to quench their appetites. In any story, there comes a time when a villain or a dark entity consumes something (human flesh, blood, magic potions, food, etc.) or gives that to someone else. This can happen for many reasons:

  • To satisfy his/her appetite for blood.
  • To satisfy cravings and addictions.
  • To obtain superpowers.
  • To turn someone over to the dark side.
  • To transform into a more powerful entity.
  • To create a disguise.


  • The Evil Queen drinks a magic potion to transform herself into an old crone to deceive Snow White.
  • General Erich Ludendorff inhales a special serum designed by the malicious Doctor Person herself to enhance his physical strength.
  • Polyphemus devours some of Odysseus's men to satisfy his taste for human flesh.
  • Poppy Adams grinds one of her henchmen alive and turns him into a hamburger.
  • Hannibal Lecter is notorious for killing and devouring humans.
  • Muriel and her coven kidnap children to sacrifice and devour.
  • Norman Osborn takes in a serum to transform into the Green Goblin.
  • Krudsky obtains the power of the Goblin Scepter in a bid to take over the world.
  • Evanora gives Theodora a magic apple to turn her over to the dark side.
  • Kai gets his power from the jade amulets containing the chi he stole from several Kung Fu masters--the one on his neck being Oogway's.
  • Ludmilla drinks the potion from Baba Yaga which she stole from Bartok and transforms into a fat purple dragon.
  • Makuta Teridax absorbs Nivawk, Nidhiki and Krekka into his power in order for him to fight with the Toa Metru.
  • Oda Nobunaga drinks the sake from his victim's skull.
  • Yuuki Terumi feeds on the fear and hatred of other beings to make himself stronger.
  • The Chimera Ants devour other species, including humans, to satisfy their appetite and to gain strength (by consuming Nen users). The Chimera Ant queen is also able to self-reproduce, giving birth to strong offspring that inherit the traits of the creatures she eats.
  • Chiroptean vampires, as Diva, drink blood to satisfy their thirst, to gain strength and to heal.
  • True vampires, as Alucard, drink blood to satisfy their thirst and gain strength, to create Ghouls (non-virgin humans) or Servants (virgin humans), and also to absorb human souls (by completely draining non-virgin humans) turning them into Familiars.
  • Ryuk doesn’t need food to survive but he is addicted to eating apples of the Human World, when he doesn’t eat them for a long time he gets symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Gluttony is voracious for eating anything, especially humans. Ironically, he gets devoured by Pride who intended to use his sense of smell and energy to win a battle.
  • Big Mom is obsessed for sweets and she has a disorder that makes her go on a destructive rampage looking for what she wants to eat, only stopping after satisfying herself with the sweet she is craving. She also makes deals with other pirates in exchange of large amounts of sweets.
  • Pure Titans eat humans, and they can return to being humans if they devour Titan Shifters, so they are able to obtain titan shifting powers.
    • After the death of Ymir Fritz (the first person to obtain titan powers) around 2000 years before the beginning of the story, her husband King Fritz forces his daughters (Maria, Rose and Sheena) to devour her corpse in order for them to obtain her titan shifting powers.
  • Many yokais that attempt to steal the Shikon Jewel as Shibugarasu and Mistress Centipede, swallow it in order to boost their own spiritual powers.
  • The Spider Lady (Jorougumo) eats Watanuki's right eye, which increases her powers.
  • Unicron devours planets and moons to survive in planet mode.


The only thing we serve is tongue.
~ Mama Fratelli to the Goonies when she captures Mikey.
(Muriel and her coven have captured a boy to sacrifice.) He is ready. (Muriel's goons place the boy down on an altar. She smiles evilly, pulling out a huge cleaver. Muriel gives it a small twirl and raises it above her head.) RAHRRRRR! (After Muriel kills the boy with a well-placed blow, her coven slurps up cups filled with the blood and meat of their captive.)
~ Muriel and her coven killing a boy to devour.
Hmm...Apples in the Human World are awesome. What would you call them? Juicy?
~ Ryuk on his like for eating apples.
Not enough! Not enough! I need more prey…bigger prey!
~ The Chimera Ant queen searching for the species that she will need to eat in order to give birth to strong offspring.
Can I eat him? Can I?
~ Gluttony asking Lust and Envy permission to eat a human.
~ Big Mom going on a rampage and looking for a wedding cake to eat after the one in her daughter’s wedding was destroyed by Straw Hat Luffy.
Eat, my daughters. Ymir's power will be passed down no matter what. Eat every scrap of Ymir's body. Maria. Rose. Sheena.
~ King Fritz forcing his daughters to eat Ymir's corpse for them to obtain her titan powers.



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