Villainous Vow

I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!
~ The Wicked Witch of the West famously vowing she'll get even with Dorothy Gale for killing her sister and obtaining her Ruby Slippers.

Like the Cry of Defeat and the Evil Laugh, the Villainous Vow is a common trope. This scenario involves the evildoer swearing that he or she will carry out an evil act. It can happen when the wrongdoer is plotting something wicked, decides to take matters into his or her own hands, or vows revenge, usually after being defeated.

A villainous vow is usually directed at the hero, the hero's relatives, etc, although the villain can make his or her vow for himself or herself.

This usually falls under these circumstances:

  • The villain is being banished or imprisoned or defeated at the beginning of a story and vows he/she will one day return and finish what he/she started.
  • When the villain's relative is vanquished, he vows to avenge him/her.
  • The villain pulls off a Karma Houdini in the end, vowing he will return to face the hero.
  • The villain's plans fail, leading him to vow that when things don't go his way he'll try and make it happen one way or another.
  • The villain vows to finish what a major antagonist started, usually in a sequel.
  • The villain vows to carry out his evil plans himself when his henchmen fail him.
  • The villain vows he will test the limits when it comes to his evil deeds.
  • The villain vows he will have the heroine for his bride.


Comic Books

  • Dex-Starr promising to hunt down the man who killed his owner.


  • The Wicked Witch vows revenge on Dorothy Gale for killing her sister and obtaining her ruby slippers.
  • Ian Hawke vowing vengeance on the Chipmunks for costing him his wealth, fame and career.
  • Beauty Smith vows revenge on Jack Conroy and Alex Larson for taking White Fang from him.
  • Andrei Strasser vows revenge on Joet after the gorilla bites off his thumb and trigger finger.
  • Biff Tannen vows that one day he will marry Lorraine.
  • Kylo Ren vowing he shall finish what Darth Vader started.
  • Francis Buxton vowing he will get Pee-Wee Herman's bike.
  • Dr. Edward Nygma AKA the Riddler vows revenge on Bruce Wayne for rejecting his mind manipulation invention.


  • Gaston LeGume vows he will have Belle for his wife after she rejects him.
  • Lord Piggot-Dunceby vowing he shall go after Sir Lionel Frost after hearing that he escaped.
  • Captain Gutt vows to avenge his mother's death by taking over Far Far Away.
  • Rothbart vows that one day he shall get his magical power back and take over King William's kingdom as revenge for his exile.
  • Ruber, after being defeated by King Arthur, vows one day he will steal Excalibur and take over Camelot.
  • Don Lino vows that he will avenge his son Frankie's death and find out who the Sharkslayer is.
  • Buncle becomes obsessed about obtaining Albert the Magic Pudding.
  • Judge Claude Frollo vows that he will find and capture Esmeralda.
  • Archibald Snatcher vows that he will "protect" Cheesebridge by destroying all the Boxtrolls in exchange for a White Hat.
  • Phillium Benedict swears he will get even with Principal Prickly for costing him his job and reputation.
  • Captain Gutt swears revenge on Manny for stealing his ship and he sets a course for the continent, vowing to destroy all the mammoth holds dear.
  • Ursula vowing she will capture Ariel, get rid of King Triton, and take over Atlantica.
  • Morgana vows that she will get her revenge on King Triton and capture Melody while escaping from Triton's guards.
  • Steele promising to prevent Balto from returning to Nome at all cost--even if it means letting the sick children of Nome die.
  • Lord Shen swearing revenge as he is banished by his parents for massacring the village of innocent pandas. He promises he will return one day and conquer all of China.
  • Prince Charming vowing he will avenge his mother and become king of Far Far Away.
  • Rumpelstiltskin vowing revenge on Shrek for unwittingly botching his plan to seize kingdom of Far Far Away (since Shrek had already rescued Fiona, he rendered Rumpel's deal pointless). Ever since, Rumpel's held a hateful grudge against the ogre and wishes he had never existed.
  • Rasputin vowing vengeance as he cast a curse upon the royal Romanov Family of Russia for his exile.
  • Skrawl vows he will return after Rudy Tabootie defeats him.
  • Sideshow Bob angrily swears a vendetta on the Simpsons after they accidentally expose him in Italy.
  • Plankton vowing he will finally obtain Mr. Krabs' secret Krabby Patty formula and rule the world.


  • Zeref Dragneel vowing that he will destroy all the human kind after he was rejected and cursed by the rest of his life.


Superego: This is not over!
Id: We will never end! We have no beginning, so we can have no end!
Ego: We will return! Don't you understand? We are humanity! We are YOU! In one form, in another form, we are always with you! You can't protect yourself because we come in many, many guises. WE SHALL RETURN!
~ AM vowing he will return.
They call me terrorist, radical, zealot, because I obey the ancient laws of my people, the Kree, and punish those who do not. Because I do not forgive your people for taking the life of my father, and his father, and his father before him. A thousand years of war between us WILL NOT be forgotten! (Xandarian Prisoner: You can't do this! Our government signed a peace treaty!) (Ronan picks up his Cosmi-Rod as he speaks.) My government knows no shame. You Xandarians and your culture are a disease. (Mandarin Prisoner, gasping: You...will never rule Xandar.) No. I WILL CURE IT!
~ Ronan the Accuser vowing he will eradicate Xandar.
I'm gonna get that son of a b-tch.
~ Biff Tannen vowing he'll get even with Marty McFly.
(Tzar Nicholas: How dare you return to the palace!) But I am your confidant! (Tzar Nicholas: Confidant! Hah! You are a traitor! GET OUT!) You think you can banish the great Rasputin? By the unholy powers vested in me, I banish you, with a curse! Mark my words, you and your family will die within a fortnight! I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I SEE THE END OF THE ROMANOV LINE FOREVER!
~ Rasputin vowing revenge on Czar Nicholas and the rest of the royal Romanov Family for his exile from Russia.
You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!
~ Francis Buxton vowing he will get Pee-Wee Herman's bike.
♪Destroy Esmeralda and let her taste the fires of hell! Or else let her be mine and mine alone!♪ (Suddenly, a pounding on the door interrupts Frollo's song and the smoke vision instantly dissipates. Frollo turns to see one of his soldiers standing buy the door.) (Guard: Minister Frollo, the gypsy has escaped.) What?! (Guard: She's nowhere in the cathedral. She's gone.) But how? I... Never mind! Get out, you idiot! I'll find her. I'll find her if I have to burn down all of Paris!
~ Judge Claude Frollo vowing that he will find and capture Esmeralda after hearing she escaped the Notre Dame cathedral.
Triton's daughter will be mine! And then I'll make him writhe. I'll see him WRIGGLE LIKE A WORM ON A HOOK!
~ Ursula vowing that she'll capture Ariel, get rid of King Triton and take over Atlantica.
You took my chick. You took my job. Well, enjoy while you can, Petey Boy, 'cause you're gonna pay. Somehow, some way, you're gonna pay.
~ Dr. Phillium Benedict vowing revenge against Principal Prickly for costing him his job and reputation.
This Plan Z can't POSSIBLY FAIL! So enjoy today, Mr. Krabs, because by tomorrow, I'll have the formula. Then everyone will eat at the Chum Bucket, and I WILL RULE THE WORLD!
~ Plankton vowing he will obtain the Krabby Patty formula and take over the ocean.
I'm going to get you, Darkwing Duck! Now you'll pay for taking Posey away from me!
~ Bushroot vowing revenge on Darkwing Duck for the demise of his bride, Posey the Vampire Potato, moments before he gets chased off by a group of vampire-hunting hillbillies.
NO! I won't stand for it! It's a MOCKERY OF MAN! A SHAM of civilized society! I'll run this game to ground if it's the last thing I do.
~ Lord Piggot-Dunceby vowing he will go after Sir Lionel Frost after hearing that he escaped.
When you are long gone, when hearts are hollow, and the land is lost and leaderless again, I will return.
~ Morgana vowing that one day she will return.
Just you wait til I get you in my coils!
~ Kaa the Python vowing revenge on Mowgli.
One day that sword will be in MY hand. AND ALL WILL BE MINE!
~ Ruber vowing that one day he will obtain Excalibur and take over Camelot.
Show me again the power of the darkness, and I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me, Grandfather, and I will finish what you started.
~ Kylo Ren vowing he will become what Darth Vader could not.
And do you know how that little wife'll be? (Belle: Let me think...) YOU Belle! (Belle: Gaston! [backs against the door] I-I'm speechless! I really don't know what to say. (Gaston shoves furniture out of his way and corners and Belle against the door.) Say you'll marry me. (Belle: I'm very sorry, Gaston, but...but...but...[reaches for the doorknob as Gaston leans for a kiss] I just don't deserve you!) (Opens the door, causing Gaston to lose his balance and tumble out the door into a mud puddle.) WHOA! (Outside, the band led by LeFou plays the wedding march while Gaston lays with his feet sticking out of the mud, while Belle tosses Gaston's boots outside and slams the door. LeFou turns to see Gaston in the mud. Gaston pops out, and the pig on top of him slides down his back.) (LeFou: So, how'd it go?) (Gaston grabs LeFou by the throat) I'll have Belle for my wife! Make no mistake about THAT! (He tosses LeFou into the mud and marches off) (LeFou: Touchy.) (Pig: [nods in agreement] Oink. Oink.) (Covered in mud and furious, Gaston stomps away, his dark mood unappeased.)
~ Gaston vowing to have Belle as his bride despite her refusals.
I'll get you for this, Pan, if it's the last thing I do!
~ Captain Hook vowing revenge on Peter Pan.
(At Frankie's funeral, Lino is lamenting the loss of his son.) Oh, Luca, who could've done this? (Elderly leopard shark Don Feinberg clears his throat) (Don Feinberg: Don Lino, at this most difficult time, please accept my deepest condolonces.) Thank you, Don Feinberg, for honoring my son with your song. (Don Feinberg: I got some news about the guy who took out Frankie.) (Feinberg farts and a big green bubble floats up and pops in front of the orca behind him, who faints. Luca gags.) Let's, uh... Yeah, let's talk over here. (Lino gets up from his chair and he and Feinberg swim to the window to continue their conversation.) (Don Feinberg: He came outta nowhere, this guy. Calls himself..."The Sharkslayer". (Lino taps on Feinberg's shoulder.) Ira, over here. (Don Feinberg: Sorry. The Sharkslayer.) Where do I find him? (Don Feinberg: He's from the Southside Reef. That's all we could dig up.) (Lino kisses Feinberg's cheek. Feinberg turns to the other guests) (Don Feinberg: Any requests?) Luca. (Luca swims up beside Lino.) (Don Feinberg: How 'bout that Titanic song?) (Sharks: Oh, no! Not again!) Get Sykes. He knows that reef better than anybody. I wanna find this guy. I wanna know everything about him. I wanna know where he lives, where he sleeps. He pops a gill. I wanna know about it--who is the Sharkslayer?'
~ Don Lino vowing to find the Sharkslayer and avenge his son Frankie's death.
(Captain Gutt snarls with fury as he watches Manny and the gang steal his ship and mock him as they sail into open water. He turns to a crevice in a glacier and squeezes inside. With a tremendous roar, he dislodges a colossal chunk of ice with his bare hands. The ice tips over and crashes into the ocean.) (Flynn: Oh, no! He's gone forever! [The iceberg shoots upward from the water with Gutt clinging onto it] Oh! There he is!) (Gutt holds onto the iceberg as it falls forward onto the ocean's surface. He turns to his crew.) Shore leave's over! Get your sorry carcasses on board now! (The crew nervously hops on deck. Gutt whistles and five narwhals speed along the surface of the water. They stick their tusks in the stern of the new ship to propel it to sea. Gutt steps in front of Shira.) (Shira: Gutt, I can explain--) (Gutt snatches Shira by the throat.) When this ends, I'll have a tiger's skin hanging on my wall! (Shira whimpers.) I don't care whose! (Gutt flings Shira to the ground and faces his crew.) That mammoth has taken my ship, my bounty and now the loyalty of my crew. I will destroy him! And everything he loves!
~ Captain Gutt swearing revenge on Manny for stealing his ship and he sets a course for the continent, vowing to destroy all the mammoth holds dear.
(Prince Charming leaves the stage and walks to his dressing room--which is outside in an alleyway. He slumps down at his dressing table and sobs. He looks at a picture of his mom, the Fairy Godmother, taped to the mirror. Written on it are the words "Don't stop believing. Mommy's little angel." Charming scowls) You're right. I can't let this happen. I can't! (He stands) I am the rightful king of Far Far Away! And I promise you this, Mother--I will restore dignity to my throne! (A gust of wind blows a sheet of newspaper into Charming's face. He peels it off and reads it and his eyes narrow. The paper displays the headline "King Royally Sick: Shrek and Fiona fill in for King" with a picture of the ogre couple hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony.) And this time, no one will stand in my way! (He crumples up the newspaper)
~ Prince Charming vowing to destroy Shrek and take over the kingdom of Far Far Away to avenge his mother's death.
For a White Hat? I will destroy every last Boxtroll in this town!
~ Archibald Snatcher vows that he will "protect" Cheesebridge by destroying all the Boxtrolls in exchange for a White Hat.
(At the Jett Records building, a maid cleans the canteen and drops the trash down a chute. It tumbles down the dumpster in the basement where a man in thick glasses and a red bathrobe grabs it. The guy is Ian Hawke, former Jett Records CEO and ex-manager of the Chipmunks. He talks to a rat sitting by the dumpster.) I had 15 cars. I mean, that's like five more cars than anybody really needs. I had seven maids! I had courtside seats to the Lakers. Even my maids had courtside seats to the Lakers! And now, look at me. Look at me! I lost everything! Except for my dignity. They can't take that away from me. (He scowls as he listens to the Chipmunks singing "Really Got Me Now" on the radio.) And it's all because of them. (Ian grabs the radio and flings it into the dumpster where it thuds with a shatter.) GRRAH! Oh, hey, breakfast! (He grabs a muffin out of the dumpster.) Now I run around, hoping and praying that I can find other animals that can sing or dance. I mean... Wait a second. You don't sing, do you? (The rat squeaks, then it grabs the muffin out of Ian's hand) Hey! Hey! That's my muffin! (Ian dives into the dumpster) GIMME MY MUFFIN! YOU DIRTY RAT! (Ian struggles inside the dumpster. He lifts his head up, covered in trash.) I will get you, Chipmunks! (He munches the muffin.)
~ Ian Hawke swearing revenge on the Chipmunks for costing him his wealth, fame and career.
I'm not finished with you yet, Willie. Someday, I'll get my power back! And when I do, everything you own, everything you love, will be mine!
~ Rothbart swearing revenge on King William as he is exiled for his attempt to conquer King William's kingdom.
Trip Murphy and his assistant Crash look at a computer screen. The screen shows a graphic of Herbie's model) (Crash: I have every inch of this model ten times. I run all the tests. There's no way an ordinary VW engine like this could've smoked yours.) Well, there's nothing ordinary about this Bug. (Trip stands up, with a determined smirk.) I don't know what it's got under its hood, but I intend to find out!
~ Trip Murphy vowing to discover the secret behind Herbie and destroy him.
(King Harold and Queen Lillian ride their coach through a graveyard, passing creepy witches who stare at them. Finally, the Royal Carriage pulls up to a small egg-shaped carriage and stops.)(King Harold: I dunno about this, Lillian. Fairy Godmother said only true love's kiss could break Fiona's curse!) (Queen Lillian: I don't trust that woman, Harold. This may be our last hope. Besides, he does come highly recommended by King Midas.) (King Harold: But to put our daughter's life in the hands of this...person? He's devious, he's deceitful. He's-he's...) Rumpelstiltskin! (Inside the egg-shaped coach, Rumpelstiltskin, a short man with spiky red hair sits at a desk. He kisses Queen Lillian's hand) Mrs. Highness. (Queen Lillian: H-H-How do you do?) (Rumpel's pet goose viciously sticks her tongue out at King Harold) Down, Fifi! Get down! (Fifi obeys while Rumpel pulls out a scroll from the nearby shelf.) As you can see, everything's in order. (He unrolls the scroll to reveal a contract in front of the king and queen.)(King Harold: So, you'll put an end to our daughter's curse?) And in return, you sign the kingdom of Far Far Away over to me. (Rumpel smirks devilishly. King Harold rears back and turns to his queen) (King Harold: Lillian, this is madness!) (Queen Lillian: What choice do we have, Harold? Fiona's been locked in that tower far too long!) It's not like she's getting any younger. (King Harold: But to sign over our entire kingdom?) Well, if your kingdom's worth more to you then your daughter, then-- (King Harold: Nothing is worth more to us then our daughter!) (Rumpelstiltskin sneers. He quickly slams the windows shutters shut, then places an ink bottle on his desk.) Jump, Fifi, jump! (Fifi flies onto Rumpel's lap. He plucks out one of her feathers from her rear. As he dips the quill into the ink pot, ominous, fiery smoke rises from the bottle. He hands the quill to King Harold.) Just sign it, and all your problems'll disappear. (Lightning flashes outside. Rumpel pushes the contract toward King Harold, who slowly and hesitantly lowers the quill toward it. Harold and Lillian exchange worried looks. Suddenly, the carriage door bursts open and a messenger rushes in.) (Messenger: Your highness! The princess! She's been saved!) (The king and queen gasp in joy.) Huh? (King Harold picks up the contract and rips it in half, leaving Rumpel completely dumbfounded.) Aww! Who saved her? (Cut to an illustration of Shrek as Rumpel furiously reads the ogre's story) "No one would've guessed that an ogre named Shrek, whose roar was feared throughout the land, would save the beautiful Princess Fiona!" (growls) "True love's kiss lead to marriage and ogre babies!" (He rips out a page) "The kingdom of Far Far Away was finally at peace." Oh, goody for them! (rips out another page) "And they lived HAPPILY...(rips out another page) EVER...(rips out another page)...AFTER! (Rumpel clutches the torn pages in his fist. Pinocchio comes up behind him) (Pinocchio: Uh, sir? You're gonna have to pay for that.) Umm...Maybe we can make a deal for it little boy?) (Pinocchio: Oh, I'm not a real boy.) You wanna be? (Cut to Pinocchio kicking Rumpel out of the library) (Pinocchio: NOBODY NEEDS YOUR DEALS ANYMORE, GRUMPEL STINKYPANTS!) (Rumpel coughs and dusts himself off. He picks up a page from the book showing Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss and all their friends. He glares with extreme fury.) I wish that ogre was never born!'
~ Rumpelstilkstkin vowing vengeance on Shrek for unwittingly foiling his plan to conquer Far Far Away (since Shrek had already rescued Fiona, he rendered Rumpel's deal pointless). Ever since, Rumpel's held a hateful grudge against the ogre and wishes he never existed.
(As Balto leads the sled team into the distance, Steele climbs back up the cliff, panting heavily. He snarls as he sees the team leaving without him.) Go ahead, wolf-dog! You'll never get home! I'll make sure of that!'
~ Steele vowing to prevent Balto from returning the medicine to Nome--even if it means letting the sick children die without the medicine.
Hey you two! Keep an eye out for me. This ain't finished yet!
~ Beauty Smith vowing revenge on Jack Conroy and Alex Larson for taking White Fang from him.
(Jill and Joe hide in the bushes as Strasser and Garth stalk nearby. She clings to the baby gorilla as they hide from the poachers) She's got to be here somewhere. She's got that damn devil with her. (Garth: But I think you might've shot her.) These people want to live like heroes, let them die like heroes. (groans in pain) OH! Oh! That little demon took off my thumb and trigger finger! Monstrule! Monstrule! (Garth: What if you shot the woman? We should help her!) No! Let's get outta here! (Garth: Yeah, that looks bad. We better get back before you bleed to death.) (Jill and Joe cling to each other as they watch the poachers retreat) I will kill this little monkey! I swear, I will kill him! (Garth: You won't play the violin again, that's for sure.) Shut up!
~ Andrei Strasser swearing vengeance on Joe the gorilla for biting his fingers off.
I find one who hurt you. I kill. I good kitty.
~ Dex-Starr promising to hunt down the man who killed his owner.
They can't be serious! I will not allow that beast to run in my competition! (Pride: Please, Father, don't interfere! I can win it fair and square!) Pah! That's NOT a risk I'm willing to take!
~ Sir Trenton vowing to prevent Stripes from racing at all costs.
Simpson. Family. I hereby swear, a VENDETTA!!
~ Sideshow Bob angrily swearing a vendetta on the Simpsons after the accidentally expose him in Italy.



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