Villainous Overview

Villains' Defeats

The things that can't be defeated are heart, soul and the bonds of friendship. THREE things you and your counterfeit cronies lack!
~ Sonic the Hedgehog to Infinite.

Villains' Defeats are a series of extreme events for a villain's loss/defeats. This can be occurred in the climax or even in flashback in the fictions where they appeared. Known forms of the evildoers' defeats could be either:

  • Realized being outsmarted by the heroes.
  • Ultimately struck down and instantly murdered by the heroes after the tense battle.
  • Weakened and at the heroes' mercy.
  • Being exposed by the heroes.
  • Being overpowered.

If the villain was unable to cope with his/her defeat, this was likely led to their Villainous Breakdown.

Otherwise, they decided to accept their defeat those notable with honor.

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