Was Once A Man

Was Once A Man

More what?! What the hell are those things? Is that the crew?!
~ Kendra Daniels about the Necromorphs.

Was Once A Man is the TV Tropes-popularized term and one of the possible routes of a villain's Origin Story where in this case, being a monstrous entity that once ordinary people.

Was Once A Man is a TV Trope-popularized villainous scenario involving a character who started off as ordinary people, often a human, before certain circumstances led to his/her transformation into a monster.

Despite it has been popularized by TV Tropes, it must be noted that this term already present in various legends, long before that site's creation. Classic example includes vampires, werewolves, and zombies, which typically result of a curse.

With the advancement of special effect technology in various medias throughout the history of entertainment, more examples of this term are introduced including cases of mutation, mutagenic pandemics, or conversion into robotic beings (see Roboticization for further info), etc.

Though this can also overlap with cases of One-Winged Angel, it must be noted that a character's early monster form being typically inferior compared to their later One-Winged Angel form.

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