Tom and Jerry - What Do We Care

"What Do We Care?" is a song sung by the Alley Cats in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. It is about the cat Tom being ambushed by a gang of mean singing alley cats who chase him.


What do we care about nice?
What do we care about sweet?
All that we care about's vice
And deceit!
Eatin' the mice!
Cheatin' at dice!
Which is neat!

We've got no time for taste!
Who's got the time to waste?!
We've got a better plan
To be as mean as we can!

What do we care about grace?
What do we care about shy?
What do you say to a pie in the face?
Or to a punch, right in the lunch?
Or the eye?!

We hate your ugly mug,
This putrid place,
The lousy stinkin' human race!
What we love most
Is just disgusting and gross!

We don't care for sweet serenity.
We prefer obscenity!
Low-life language
Filling the air!
So there!

What do we care for polite?
What do we care for genteel?
What do you say to a fight?
That's for real!
Really corrupt
Don't interrupt!
It's a deal!

We wanna build a world with truly crude things,
Loathsome, lewd things,
Can't you tell?
We hate each other as well!

We shout our dirty words in dirty voices!
We like dirt-bikes, not Rolls-Royces!
Stick it there;
What the heck do we care?
What do we care?
What do we care?!

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