What a Shame

What a Shame

"What a Shame" is a song sung Devon and Rex from the 2019 remake of the 1955 animated drama romance movie Lady and the Tramp. It serves as a replacement for the original film's number "The Siamese Cat Song" due to the perceived racist connotations.


Devon: "Ugh, look at this place."
Rex: "Yeah, we're gonna need to make some changes."
Devon: "Ooh, what a shame."

Devon and Rex: Now sit right there and take a seat
I'm sure you're glad we came
But we got some cleaning up to do
We'll need to rearrange

We'll take care of all this furniture
If to you, it's all the same
Rex: But if you don't like how we decorate
Devon: Well that's too bad, what a shame

Well that's too bad what a shame

Rex: I think we can reupholster here
Devon: This figurine is so last year (ugh)
Rex: That's what I would call feng shui
Devon: Stand back dog, you give us room to play

These tables need refurbishing
These curtains need a change
Devon: But if you don't like our artistic flair
Well that's too bad what a shame

Devon: "I'm sorry."
Rex: "I'm not." (wa-hoo-hoo-hoo)

What a shame
Rex: "Cat got your tongue?"

Why are you so miffed?
We gave your living room a modern twist
Now we want some credit for this not blame
Rex: Are you mad?
Devon: What a shame

Yes and...?

Rex: "That's better."
Devon: "Yeah, it really holds the room together."

Devon: "Flowers, really?"
Rex: "The color scheme in here is coo-coo."
Devon: "Aw, did we make a boo boo?"

It's time to break this thing
As soon as we get done it will be you auf wiedersehen
Devon: If things do wrong
Rex: Then we'll be gone
That's too bad what a shame

Devon: Bout to do something bout this vase
Rex: It's a tiny bit out of place
Don't let it fall on your face (oh yeah)

Rex: "You like how I hit that run, don't you dog?"
Devon: "I do like it."

Rex: What a shame

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