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Witchcraft Cults

"Witchcraft Cults" was a largely fictional medieval legend that hypothetical pre-Christian pagan religious secret societies of Satanic witches existed and plotted against society.

This was the theory that inspired the infamous witch-hunts that claimed many innocent lives and although largely seen as a medieval fantasy some historians believe such a cult may have existed but was likely to have been pagan rather than Satanic, most serious historians however doubt even this and thus the idea of the Witchcraft Cult remains largely a work of fiction.

The stereotype of the wicked witch, riding on brooms, and even devouring babies, while cursing men and meeting with devils under the moonlight all stem from the superstitious belief in this cult, as does part of the legend of the Witching Hour.

And although there is an active religious based on witchcraft (now known as Wicca), it has little to do with the crazed antics that the medieval world envisioned when they thought of witches.

There are many places in the world that lay claim to witches in their folklore and there are still some who continue to spread the idea of the Witchcraft Cult - which has become known in the modern era as "Satanic Ritual Abuse".

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