The World Bowser amusement park.

World Bowser (also called "Bowser World" on Miiverse) is a gigantic and extravagant amusement park-like "kingdom" built in the likeness of the evil king Bowser and it is the 8th and final Story Mode world of Super Mario 3D World.

Unlike most endgame Mario worlds (including World Castle, which came immediately before it), World Bowser is not a volcanic stage: instead, it is a large theme park built in the likeness of Bowser, with a volcano in the back, and it sits high above every preceding world. It contains 8 standard courses, 2 Boss Arenas, a Mystery House, a Toad House, and Bowser's Castle which itself stands at the very center of the Koopa Kingdom's "utopia". The world is apparently powered by the Sprixie Princesses, who are freed from their imprisonment at the Great Tower of Bowser Land upon the completion of the world's Castle.

The bosses encountered here are Pom Pom, Motley Bossblob, Queen Hisstocrat, and Bowser, who attacks as Meowser. This world is the only Story Mode world without an Enemy Blockade.


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