The World Castle

The World Castle

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World Castle is a gigantic lava-covered realm placed in the evil king Bowser's Castle and it is the 7th Story Mode world of Super Mario 3D World.

It is this Koopa Kingdom-styled region that sits above every preceding world, but below Bowser's grand utopia called World Bowser, with ? Blocks and Coins are scattered throughout the map. It contains seven standard courses, three Enemy Blockades, a Toad House, a Captain Toad course, a Castle, and a Sprixie House.

After completing the castle's courses, Bowser will kidnap the Sprixie Princesses and will create a sparkling Clear Pipe to World Bowser.



  • The Castle World

    The Castle World

    It is called "Castle World" on Miiverse.
    • It is the name of the fictional medieval-themed amusement park called "Castle World", rival of another Middles Ages-styled theme park Medieval World in the 2001 comedy movie Black Knight.
    • It was the name of the level dubbed "Castle World" that was planned to be the final location in the videogame Banjo-Tooie, but was ultimately cut during development due to time constraints.
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