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Pokemon Live - You Just Can't Win

"You Just Can't Win" is a duet song between Ash Ketchum and Giovanni in the musical Pokemon Live!. It is the penultimate song before the finale song.


Giovanni: You're way out of your league, you've more than met your match!

Ash: I guess you're slowing down old man, can't hit what you can't catch!

Giovanni: Soon the whole world will know the genius of my plan!

Ash: I will find a way to stop you any way I can!

Giovanni: You're such a goody two-shoes, it's more fun being bad!

Ash: No one's gonna side with you, you're stark raving mad!

Giovanni: Oh yeah? Just ask your mother!

Ash: That's all in the past!

Giovanni: Listen to me little boy: NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!

Both: Oh no!

Ash: You just can't win!

Giovanni: You're not that strong!

Ash: Time to pay for your sins!

Giovanni: You got it all wrong! You just can't win!

Ash: I'm gonna shut you down!

Giovanni: Your chances are slim!

Ash: No more fooling around!

Both: Let the battle begin! YOU JUST CAN'T WIN!