"You Need A Vacation" is a song sung by Baron Von Sheldgoose in the series The Legend of the Three Caballeros.


Baron Von Sheldgoose: Are you trapped in a rock-bottom job? Feeling taken for granite? Moa: Yeah? Baron Von Sheldgoose: Well, my friends, no need to be blue, 'Cuz I have the answer for you! Moa: What's the answer? Baron Von Sheldgoose: You need a vacation! Moa: We...don't get vacations. Baron Von Sheldgoose: You don't get a vacation, you take it.
You don't ask for a party, you make it,
You don't get a real suntan, you fake it,
You don't sit on your booty, you shake it! Moa 2: Come to think of it, I haven't had a vacation in 500 years. Moa 3: Let's party, boys! Baron Von Sheldgoose: Put up your feet, you need a vacation. Moa: Thanks, my feet are killing me. Baron Von Sheldgoose: Feeling thirsty? Have a drink!
Why so stone-faced? Loosen up!
It's sedimentary, don't you think?

Slip and slide into something more comfortable, you're on vacation! Moa: You only live once, dude, especially if you're eternal. Baron Von Sheldgoose: You don't sleep like a baby, you wakey!
You don't cabbage upon, you cake-y!
You don't sit on the earth, you quake-y!
You don't get a vacation, you take it!


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