Yzma 26

The entrance to Yzma's Secret Lab

To the Secret Lab!
~ Yzma as she and Kronk retreats to her Secret Lab.

Yzma's Secret Lab is a location in the The Emperor's New Groove. It serves as the primary headquarters for Yzma, and is hidden underneath Kuzco's Palace, though several entrances are hidden throughout Kuzco's kingdom. Although it's supposed to be a secret lab, nearly all the major characters in the franchise know about it.


As said above, the laboratory is hidden underneath Kuzco's palace and has many hidden entrances. The most notable entrance however, is a large door with two levers. One lever is a trapdoor to a crocodile pit ("Why do we even have that lever?!") , and the other opens the entrance. Once the correct lever is pulled, the visitor is seated in a vehicle and rides into the lab, via roller coaster.

Inside are Yzma's dozens of potions, machines, and it is revealed that she resides inside the lab in The Emperor's New School.


  • A running gag in the TV series is something different would happen to Yzma whenever Kronk pulled the wrong lever.
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