The desolator of all, from dark times.
~ First heading of the Zombot Dark Dragon's Almanac Entry.
With a rumble of destruction, Dr. Zomboss forged his Dark Dragon in the heart of a volcano. Then he tempered the beast in the chilled waters of Doom Lake. Finally he fed its furnace with coal from the Mines of Morbidity. And the paint job - that was done by Carl.
~ Second heading of its Almanac Entry.

The Zombot Dark Dragon is one of the robots created by Dr. Zomboss in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It was used by him to defeat the Plants and the players in Dark Ages - Night 20, Modern Day - Day 33, and Arena.


The Zombot Dark Dragon was first introduced in Dark Ages - Night 20 as a boss. The players had to use Puff-shrooms, Fume-shrooms, and Magnet-shrooms, Kernel-pults, and Pea-nuts to fight Dr. Zomboss with this robot. After it was defeated, its right eye popped out, then Zomboss used the robot's head to warp in a portal. The players have rewarded a Dark Ages trophy, while a money bag when replayed.

In Modern Day - Day 33, when the game picked the Dark Ages boss fight, the players had to use Big Wave Beach plants (Bowling Bulbs, Guacodiles, and Banana Launchers) to fight this robot. Dr. Zomboss summoned all the same zombies from Dark Ages - Night 20. After he was defeated, the players earned a Modern Day Pinata (a money bag when replayed) as a reward.

Zombot Dark Dragon appeared in Pumpkin's Boss Fight Tournament with infinite health. After it was defeated in each phase, the Players earned 10000 points.


Unlike the first four Zombots, Zombot Dark Dragon takes the form of the animal with the same name. The robot's skin color is grey. It has yellow eyes and a nose lead. On its face has some spots and scar tattoos. It also has some spikes on its neck.

While the robot flying above the players' lawn, the shadow of its body can be seen, with two wings and a tail.

Dr. Zomboss wears a red and yellow Roman Gladiator armor during the fight, and his veins can be seen through a helmet.

Zombies Summoned

The Zombot Dark Dragon roars, which summons zombies above the ground.

  • Peasant Zombie
  • Conehead Peasant
  • Buckethead Peasant
  • Knight Zombie
  • Jester Zombie
  • Wizard Zombie
  • Dark Ages Gargantuar
  • Imp Monk
  • Imp Dragon Zombie

Other Attacks

  • Dr. Zomboss fires fireballs from Zombot Dark Dragon's mouth that can destroy a plant and leaves scorched tiles. Sometimes, Imp Dragons can spawn from there.
  • Dr. Zomboss uses the robot's mouth to breathe out a fire trail that can instantly kill all plants and zombies in two lanes, then that trail leaves scorched tiles behind. Additionally, this attack cannot harm Imp Dragon Zombies.
  • Dr. Zomboss moves around to avoid damages from plants.


A boosted Magnet-shroom can cancel Zombot Dark Dragon's attack by pulling its nose lead, making it stunning for a while.


  • After an update, Imp Dragon Zombies are immune to the Zombot Dark Dragon's fire attacks, due to the fact fire plants can never harm them.
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